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Arts and Letters

The Arts and Letters Committee shall be responsible for the cultural, and educational and enrichment of the Chapter.  The committee will be responsible for the Black History Celebration.  The committee shall also keep the Chapter abreast of cultural activities by the local Arts Councils. 


Internal Audit Committee

Responsible for the knowledge of the chapter’s fiscal operations to ensure the Chapter is operating according to Policies and Procedures.



Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence Committee should consist of at least 3 members.  The Domestic Violence Committee chairperson shall be voluntary.  The members of the committee shall be current members. 



Finance Committee

Consider the financial needs and programs, and develop a balanced budget based upon the needs of the chapter.




Responsible for providing hospitality to member according to Policies and Procedures.



Inform members of services offered by the Grand Chapter and responsible for reclaiming and retaining members.



Responsible for the orderly nomination of officers according to Policies and Procedures.

Policies and Procedures

The Policies and Procedure Committee shall have the responsibility of updating and revising the Chapter's Policies and Procedures.  The committee is established  by appointment or volunteer.  The members should be knowledgeable of chapter operations, the sorority's governance structure and have strong writing skills. 


Program Planning and Development

Develop a plan with committee chairpersons, programs and projects to implemented that render public service to the community each year.  The committee will study and conduct a chapter-wide evaluation survey of performance of all programs and activities.


Protocol and Traditions

Provide clear and authentic descriptions of traditions and protocols, implement the established code of behavior, preserve the forms of ceremony and etiquette.

Ritual and Ceremonies

Responsible for all Chapter ceremonies presented, knowledgeable of The Official Ritual, rehearsal and ensuring the required sense of purpose, zealous participants, eloquent symbolism, and accommodating atmosphere. 

Scholarship/May Week

Screening scholarship applications and make recommendations to the Chapter for students who are attending college.  



Planning and implementation of the Annual Picnic, Christmas Social, and other functions of the Chapter.  

Social Action

Keep members informed on Political and social issues that affect  local and national communities, encourage and support political involvement in local and national elections.



Maintain the chapter websites and social media content 



Raise funds to support scholarships, and programs

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